The staff is great!! You can always tell how much everyone there loves animals and treats mine like they were their own.


Always get friendly and courteous service when I bring my pets. Dr Holter is the best.


I was very impressed with everything about your clinic and how Sadie was treated and how well her spaying went. I would consider this a top notch clinic and would not hesitate to recommend to my friends.


Always super friendly and helpful. Excellent followup. Explanation of any problems has always been done in easily understandable terms and delivered with empathy.


Always friendly and compassionate care towards our pet and to us.


Dr. Ebbe and the vet tech were awesome. They treated Sweetie with gentleness and respect. Sweetie HATES going to the vet, but everyone makes it just a little less traumatic. I highly recommend their services!


Excellent at explaining the process and procedure for a knee operation. Completed tests to help me make the decision since my dog is older.


Dr. Holter, Dr. Ebbe, all the vet techs and all staff who saw my mom's dog, Cocoa, over many visits were extremely compassionate, caring, courteous, and expert in their knowledge. We are very, very happy with Dodgeville Vet Clinic.


Dr. Holter and Dr. Ebbe and the staff, Very wonderful caring folk's not only about the fur BABIES but the owner's as well. They really take the time to listen to folk's about the concern's and care's of the pet's. I am very Grateful to you all!!