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  • Oct 28 2020

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    Covid 19 and our VIP service

    Dear friends, Because the numbers of positive COVID cases and hospitalizations in Iowa County are increasing, Dodgeville Veterinary Service is trying to slow the spread of this disease by limiting…

  • Mar 30 2020

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    COVID-19 “Stay at Home Order”

    All our lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this is not how we want to take care of your pets we feel obligated to keep you and…

  • Mar 25 2020

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    DVS and Stay at Home Order

    We ARE OPEN We are following the AVMA, WVMA, CDC and local health departments guidelines on the COVID-19 virus. We are following all recommendations made by local, state and federal…

  • Mar 23 2020

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    Dodgeville Veterinary Service – COVID-19 UPDATE

    We are one of the Essential Businesses We will not be closing We are still monitoring the COVID-19 virus closely from the AVMA, WVMA, CDC and local health departments. We…

  • Mar 19 2020

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    UPDATE on COVID-19

    UPDATE on  COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus. It’s a changing world, so are our plans and actions. At this time, we are here and have no plans of closing. We…

  • Mar 13 2020

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    COVID-19: Dodgeville Veterinary Service & You

    We have had some concerns around COVID-19, commonly known as corona virus. We want to share our current plans and actions, so you feel safe and comfortable. At this time,…

  • Jan 01 2020

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    Why knowing your pet’s body condition score is important: and what to do about it.

    Keeping your pet at a healthy weight is one of the most overlooked keys to a happy, healthy life. It can also be one of the most difficult tasks to…

  • Nov 27 2019

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    Things you didn’t know were Toxic for your Pet

    This time of year we brighten our homes with all kinds of decor, lights, and festive plants. We cook rich meals and sweet desserts and family and friends fill our…

  • Aug 16 2019

    ​Microchipping your Pet: Why it’s important

      There is a surprising amount of misunderstanding surrounding pet microchips and why it is an important part of keeping your pet safe and healthy. It’s easy to assume you…

  • Jul 17 2019

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    Do I really need to vaccinate for that?

    Vaccines have become a hot topic in recent years as fear of whether there are negative effects or a possibility of over-vaccinating. Obviously, we all want to keep our pets…